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Monday, May 28, 2012

What is the Chrono Nutrition Diet about?

If you watched the link from my post yesterday, you will have some idea of what the Chrono Nutrition Diet is.  It’s all about eating certain things at certain times of the day.  I will try to post pictures and recipes at the end of each day.  Here are the “basics” of the diet.  I will be listing the weights for Ron as I couldn’t find amounts for women … I just plan to try and eat at least ¼ less than he does.

Breakfast between 6:30 and 9:30 a.m.
  •  120 g of all cheeses, except yoghurt and sour cream; or 140 g of cooked meats (ham, sausage, salami) maximum of meat is 3 times a week.
  • 80 g of bread, fresh or toasted, whole meal, farmhouse, rye bread of bran loaf listed in preference.
  • 10-15 g of normal or salted butter; or 4 eggs + bacon, maximum 5 times a week
  • Water, tea, infusion, coffee (without milk or sugar, lemon accepted)

Lunch, between 12 and 1:30 p.m.
  •  180 g (uncooked weight) of red meat (beef), sauce accepted; or 200 g (uncooked weight of white meat (veal, lamb, pork, chicken), sauce accepted; or 190 g of cooked meats or beef/veal offals, maximum 3 times a week; or 4 eggs prepared as you prefer; or 280 g (uncooked weight) of fish (at dinner is better), prepared as you prefer.  The method of cooking all of these is up to you.
  •  9 tablespoons MAXIMUM of starchy food or dry vegetables like pasta, rice, soybean, lentils, French fries, chips, split peas, chickpeas.  Eat hot or cold, even with butter or salad/French dressing.
  • 1 tea or infusion,  coffee or water
  • Possibility to add a fruit when weight is stabilized

Afternoon snack, between 5 and 6:30

Vegetable Essential Fatty Acids
  • 30 g of dark chocolate; or 1 small bowl of no salted plant seeds:  almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, sesame …
  • Some fresh fruits, equivalent in volume to a Chinese rice bowl (2 apples, or 4 apricots, 2 peaches …) NO BANANA
  • Or fruit compote (180 g)
  • Or 3 sorbet scoops
  • Or a glass of soda or 2 large glasses of fruit juice

Dinner, one hour minimum after the afternoon snack and one hour before bedtime
  • Unlimited fish or shellfishes; or 140 g MAXIMUM of chicken, turkey, duck or pork
  •  9 tablespoons MAXIMUM of green vegetables, cooked or not; or unlimited green salad (except corn salad – not sure what that really means as to mean corn is not green anyway) + salad/French dressing
  • 1 tea or infusion, coffee, water.
This diet also allows you to have up to 2 glasses of champagne or red wine per day plus 2 joker meals (you can eat WHATEVER YOU LIKE) per week.  You just can’t have the 2 joker meals on the same day.  Also, you should do some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week.

I also started following www.flylady.net site this week in order to keep my house clean.  One of the things she says there is to weigh yourself every day.  I know that you REALLY should not do this, and I probably won’t do it every day, but I was just curious if one day on this diet had shown any results yet (pathetic aren’t I?).  I am VERY pleased to announce that I lost 1 ½ pounds since yesterday morning.  Most of that is probably from the bike ride last night, but I will take it!


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  2. This is from Dr Delabos book. For both gander amounts are the same (they are only based on your height). Never eat milk, yogurt an white cheese (nothing with lactose) cream desserts, ice cream... No sugar, no artificial additives, no soy products. No alcohol.
    Nothing low fat, no fat and similar.
    Never eat between meals, drink only water, sparkling mineral water or herbal tea.
    Time between breakfast and lunch 4-6 hours, between lunch and snack 3-5 hours, between snack and dinner minimum 2 hours. The only meal you can skip is dinner!
    this are quantities for third faze - Balance (for the rest of your life), the faze Beginning and Intermediate are slightly different (smaller portions and without some foods).
    Measure your height in centimeters. this is your only constant measure and you eat according to it.
    Very important. You can have 2 Joker meals a week, sometimes even 3. Never in a same day. you can eat what ever you like, even forbidden foods. Try not to overeat.

    (Metric measures: cm=centimeter, g=gram, 1 dcl= deciliter ; other measures tbs=table spoon, tsp=teaspoon)
    yh=your height in cm
    * (yh-70) g of cheese (Gouda, ementaler (Swiss cheese), Edam, Brie, Camembert, blue cheese and similar - FUL FAT!)
    or same amount of ham, bacon, prosciutto and similar - as natural as possible
    or 2-3 eggs
    or combine (2 egs + little bacon...)
    * half amount of cheese = bread. Choose bread with no sugar added and no artificial additives, preferably whole grain bread
    * 1 tbs of olive oil or 10-12 g of (real) butter
    * coffee or tea without sugar or milk, mineral water
    * (yh + 60) g of read meat (beef, deer, pork, lamb...)
    or (yh + 100) of white meat (chicken, duck, rabbit, veal...) or fish of same amount
    or (yh + 80) of liver, heart... of any animal
    or sometimes (yh - 100) g of cheese
    or sometimes eggs 2 for 150 cm height and below, 3 for 160 cm..., 6 for 190 cm and above
    * starchy food - potato, rice, pasta, quinoa, beans (various kind)
    1 tbs for 150 cm height and below, 2 tbs for 160 cm... 5 tbs for 190 cm and above
    *hot drink without sugar or milk, mineral water
    * plant based fats
    30g of dark chocolate (min 70% of cacao)
    or 2 tbs of nuts
    or 1 tbs of nut butter
    or 1 avocado (or half if it is large)
    * 2 peaces of fresh fruits (size of an apple)
    or 1,25 dcl of compote or fruit salad
    or 2 tbs of dried fruits
    or 2 tbs of marmalade, jam
    or 4 scoops of sorbet
    or 2 big glasses of freshly squeezed fruit juice (about 4 - 5 dcl)
    or sometimes 1 small glass of soft drink (like cola...)
    or sometimes 2-3 pieces of small cookies
    or sometimes small piece of cake
    * (yh + 150) g of fish
    or fruits of the sea
    2,5 dcl for 150 cm height and below, 3 dcl for 160 cm... 4,5 dcl for 190 cm and above
    or (yh - 40) g of white meat
    * cooked vegetables
    1 tbs for 150 cm or below, 2 tbs for 160 cm... 5 tbs for 190 cm and above

    You can eat maximum of 2 tbs of sauce for meat or fish per meal. Mustard,no sugar added ketchup, cream based sauces, mayo... Best if you make it yourself.
    If you are hungry, you can eat more protein, but do not change the amount of bread, starchy food or vegetables. Do not eat larger amount of snack.
    Ideal time for breakfast is not later than hour after you wake up and it should be between 8 and 10 am, lunch no later than 3 pm, snack between 5 and 7 pm at summer or between 4 and 6 pm at winter, and dinner 2 or more hours before bedtime. if you are not hungry in the morning than you ate to much last night.
    Dr Delabos does not recommend this diet for vegetarians, since it is a must to eat animal based proteins ever day.
    He said that soups, especially vegetable soups creates cellulite. and for me personally this was the worst news :) since i love them, but i can eat them in my Joker meal. Alcohol drink only when is your Joker meal...

    Good luck!