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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fjord cruise with dinner on a TALL ship.

Every year the tall ships (A tall ship is a large, traditionally-rigged sailing vessel. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brigs and barques). There is a tall ship race every year and often they come through Stavanger.  It seems like we are never here though when that happens.  So I was very excited when we received an email that one of the tall ships were going to be doing 3 dinner cruises this summer.  And even more excited when I realized that we would actually be here for one of them!  So, in honor of my mom's birthday yesterday, we went on a dinner cruise.  Sorry you couldn't have joined us, Mom!

There were 10 of us from NATO that went and we were very lucky that by the time we had arrived, Gordon and Ann had saved us a table for 10 on the deck so we did not have to sit below.  It was a wonderful evening!!

Here we are waiting to get on the ship.

On the deck.

Our table of 10 (well, 9 since I'm taking the picture)  :)

And we are on our way!

It promised all you can eat of prawns and herring.  I really thought there would be other things to go with it (or at least the heads and legs would already be gone!) but the only things extra were bread and butter.  My mom would have gone hungry!  Oh wait ... they had lemons too!  Not sure if I should mention this but there were TONS of eggs inside these prawns!  Kind of gross (IMHO)

Look at all the different ways they can do herring!

My baby!

Ohhhh ... a little baby prawn.  I'm guessing no eggs with this one but not sure it's worth the effort to take off the head, legs, and shell.

There was even live music!

Steering the ship.  I want to do that!

Norwegian flag.

BEAUTIFUL day and beautiful views!

We talked them into letting me steer.  Watch out people!

Then of course I had to have all the other women at our table have a go at it! Way to go Ann!

Paula's turn!

I think they got scared after Adrienn had a try and wanted to reroute the ship.  :)

Nice, nice views.

I was trying to take a picture of Ron and this DRUNK guy jumped in the picture.

And then he came up and gave this pose.  Ron said he wanted a kiss .... I said he wanted me to take a picture of his gold tooth.

He's going to walk the gangplank.  Drunk guy was there too but we pushed him overboard.  JK

 Fish farm

Funny, true story.  There is a bell there, right behind the wheel.  The guy kept ringing it here and there either once or twice.  I gathered my courage and practiced what I would say in Norwegian to him (knowing he more than likely speaks English but I wanted to practice since I've been gone for a while).  I went up and gave my speech that I had practiced and he looks at me and says in English "I'm Danish not Norwegian and don't understand what you said".  Sheesh!  I asked him if I had a mouthful of potatoes and repeated it would it help and he smiled and said maybe.  Anyway ... ringing the bell means there is something in the water ahead.  One ring it's ahead, two it's on the right (or left) and three times it's either the left (or right) .... of course he used words like port and starboard instead of left or right.  LOL

Check out the moon!  And it's light out.  Only 21.00!  (Or 9 p.m.)

Something REALLY strange happened on the boat.  I wore a brand new coat that I had shipped here from Kohl's.  The coat was from Apt. 9 and it still had the plastic on it when we got ready to leave.  I dressed in lots of layers and didn't need my coat so it stayed on the back of my chair almost the whole night.  When we were close to pulling into the harbor, I put my coat on and put my hand in my pocket and there was a golf ball!  Why in the world would a coat from Kohl's have a golf ball in the pocket?!?!?!  So I asked around if anyone in our group played Golf and Andy did so I gave him the golf ball.  And then he shows me that it is a range ball advertising Kvadrat (the Stavanger Mall).  Maybe drunk guy put it in my pocket. I told him if it's a door prize and whoever has the ball wins a million dollars then we can split it, but if he goes to jail because they think it was stolen from the range, then he is on his own.

Back home and how depressing.  It's 22.00 and it's dark already.  We had a FUN night!

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