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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stavanger Overnight Ferry

As promised, here is our trip from Stavanger to Den Haag that we took last week.

Day 1 – Friday

Our ferry left at 19.00 and we needed to be at the ferry by 18.00.  We took the Fjordline overnight ferry from Tanager to Hirtshals.  We waited until the last minute (about 3 weeks out) to book the ferry and by then there was only 1 cabin left and it was only 33€ per night.  It was a very small cabin and it was advertised as being right over the engine.  The engine noise itself didn’t bother us much.  We like sleeping with a fan or a sound machine on so it was ok.  However, the doors and everything else was rattling all night long.  So much so that Ron (who almost never dreams) was dreaming about finding the rattling and trying to make it stop.  One of the good things about the room though was that it was pretty far away from everything.  This is good because a LOT of people were already drunk on the ride when we got on.  The ferry starts in Bergen and people could buy alcohol at the duty free store and take it back to their cabin or table and start drinking it.  There were barf bags EVERYWHERE and we were unsure if it was for the drunks or in case of bad weather.  Our ferry ended up costing us 185€ round trip.  This was for one vehicle, 2 passengers and the small cabin on the way to Hirtshals.  No cabin on the way back and no reserved seats were available for the way back.  We did not take the all-inclusive meals option either.

Here is a picture of our room.  Our beds were so small; my pillow was hanging over the edge of my bed.

The shower would get you wet if you were sitting on the toilet.  If you want to sit and take a shower, this would be a good thing.  (See, I’m trying to find the good in everything!)  J

Here we are leaving Tananger.

The Skybar

Hundetoalett!  HA!  There is NO way were could have got Axel to use this.  We did see 4 or 5 dogs on this ship – but at no time did I see them using this.

All in all, this was a good way for us to travel.  Since it left after working hours, Ron did not have to take an extra day of leave.  We got up in the morning arriving in Hirtshals, with a relatively good night’s sleep ready for the long drive ahead.

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